Identity of Lockcard

Getting a Direction

Lockcard's vision is to free people from the stressful and frustrating experience of learning vocabulary. It focuses on feeling stress-relieving and making real learning progress.

With this vision in mind, I got inspired by a peaceful and organized work setup and hope Lockcard can feel like the plants by the desk that makes learners feel fresh, calm and stress-relieving.

As a result, the primary color of the brand is chosen to be green.

Lockcard Moodboard

Add more modernity and personality

I chose a direction of geometrical design as it is flat and modern and metaphorically represents what the product does: to help users pick up vocabulary piecemeal and put together the pieces of a puzzle, the language.

What's more, I want to add some weird and quirky personality to the harmony of geometrical shapes to add a bit more personality to the brand.

Landing Page

With time constraints, we used a Webflow template as the starting point of our website design. My responsibility is to design the information architecture, UX Copy and visual design of the landing page.

Here is my hi-fi prototype of the landing page:

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