The idea for the product came about when I was at a disappointing point in learning French. With my initial enthusiasm dying out, I found it harder and harder to take in new language data, especially on what I hate the most - memorizing vocabulary.

Original Question

I found 2 main pain points that always make me failed to keep learning vocabulary:

With an awareness that these are not uncommon frustrations, I asked myself:

How might we help language learners memorize vocabulary more consistently and effectively?

My Team and My Role

As the product owner, I independently researched, conceptualized and designed the app in the first 3 months (June - August 2020).

My partner, Leo, who is an amazing product designer and entrepreneur, joined the team in August 2020 and built a Design System and a Develop Handoff to ship the product.

Since then, we have being continuously testing and reiterating the product together.

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